2nd Amendment rally Columbia SC 2/28/15

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We have an opportunity to show how serious we are about our 2nd amendment rights to own and bear arms. If you have not been paying attention to the liberal news outlets there are some very influential and rick people who are doing everything in their power to brain wash our friends, families and neighbors into thinking that guns are evil.  They want us to believe that our society would be better off if we were all disarmed and were totally dependent on law enforcement to protect us.  They are working overtime to convince us that the constitution, amendments and bill of rights are irrelevant for us in 2015.

Thanks to the power of technology and social media these traitors are being exposed for what and who they are.  It is our right and duty as American citizens and patriots to DO WHATEVER we can to tell these people they are dead wrong.  How do we do that?  We DO that by DOING what we can DO.  Participating in online discussions and presenting the facts through social media is a good step.  Sometimes we have to step outside of social media and present a united front by physically showing up and peacefully protesting or supporting what we believe in.

The 2nd amendment rally in Columbia South Carolina between 1 pm and 3 pm on Saturday February 28th is a golden opportunity for US to do just that.  Our law makers who ARE supportive of the 2nd Amendment are doing what we asked them to do in their role to us as South Carolina citizens.  We should care enough about what they are doing to show up in person and support them.  Just imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and you were at the rally and only 50 people from the state show up.  How deflated would you be?

Yes, there IS strength in numbers and I would like to help send a message to the rest of the state and the U.S. on this coming up Saturday when the local news affiliates show up with their cameras.

As the founder of Palmetto Concealed Carry my vision and mission statement has been to use our passion, strength and knowledge to further the importance of our 2nd amendment rights. To encourage our families, friends and neighbors to take their own personal and family protection to heart.

Will you join US on the 28th in Columbia?

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18 Responses to 2nd Amendment rally Columbia SC 2/28/15

  1. DEGAN WILDER says:

    My wife and I will attend….Thank you for your leadership.

  2. The Pontificator says:

    Just received an email from GOA concerning this event. I’d like to believe that I keep very close tabs on events such as this and neither myself nor anyone I know heard anything about this until now.

    Why was the word not put out a month ago?

    • Well, that is a very good question. I heard through Nick on the main PCC site since he is a volunteer for Guns Across America.

      • The Pontificator says:

        I noticed that while viewing this page:


        That the site administrator had this to say in regard to CWP on the statehouse grounds:

        PLEASE NOTE: The front steps (North Grounds) of the South Carolina State House is a “gun free zone.”

        Unless I’m mistaken the entire statehouse grounds (the entire block bordered by Gervail, Pendleton, Sumter, and Assembly streets) is off limits. Some out of state attendees seem to be under the impression that they can carry. Others seem to be of the impression that carry is OK outside of the elliptical walk that encircles the statehouse itself. I don’t believe that to be so and I’m sure that Protective Services doesn’t think so, either.

  3. T. King says:

    I will be there alone or not !
    PS: The Second Amendment IS my carry permit!


  4. Ralph Baker says:

    Seconding the Pontificator’s comment, two groups to involve are scfirearms@yahoogroups.com and Gun Owners of South Carolina. I’m sure there are others that the present audience could supply.

    • Very good information Ralph. I did not even realize that there was a SC Firearms Yahoo group. 🙁 I may need to check it out this weekend.

    • The Pontificator says:

      SC Firearms Owners (Yahoo! Groups) is a private, moderated list. If you attempt to send an email to the address Ralph just provided it won’t be received. You have to be a member of the group to send messages.

      Let me see if I can find the URL.

    • The Pontificator says:

      Another point of contact would have been the South Carolina Hometown Forum at ar15.com

      There are at least 400 members who have identified themselves as such in a “count off” thread on that forum.

  5. The Pontificator says:

    Does GRAA even have a website? The URL listed in a Google search shows a domain available for purchase.

    I’m having trouble wrapping my head around GRAA as an organization. Fill me in.

  6. The Pontificator says:

    This might work:


    Group Description

    The SCFirearms discussion list is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and is NOT restricted to members of GrassRoots South Carolina.

    The purpose of the SCFirearm mailing list is to provide an area for discussion of topics related to South Carolina gun ownership. Especially important is discussion of second amendment activism as it relates to SC gun rights legislation. Since this list was originated by CWP holders you can expect Concealed Weapons Permit topics to be an actively discussed issue.

    Other features include an ongoing calendar of firearms events in South Carolina which allows public posting of events in your area of interest, and a periodic user poll to determine how the people of South Carolina view particular firearms issues.

    Flame wars will not be permitted. If your intent is to disrupt this group with anti-gun rhetoric or infighting you can expect to be shown the door. Please be aware that all posts to the group are delivered to the entire group. If you want to have an argument with a group member, then do so via private e-mail and not on the group. Yahoo defines this group as “unmoderated” however be aware that posts from new members require approval. Be CIVIL in your discussions. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Simple as that.

    If any of the above items meets your needs or interests we welcome you to the SCFirearms e-mail discussion group.

  7. Rocky Love says:

    Wish I had known about this sooner have now sent this out to our members here in SC.
    SC. point of contact.
    Director .Twin Rivers Region Oath Keepers.

  8. The Pontificator says:

    As a common courtesy gun rights groups should be coordinating with each other for these events. They holler about “strength in numbers”, but do nothing to coordinate with each other to reflect larger numbers at rallies. Where was Palmetto Gun Rights? Why didn’t they know about it or contact their membership?

    I shouldn’t have to be a part of 50 separate organizations to get an email from a friend about a rally the 51st organization I have yet to know about is having because they advertised it on an obscure Facebook page.

    Many of the big gun message boards including Glock Talk and AR15 dot com have their own state-specific hometown forums and it doesn’t cost anything to advertise an event on such sites It also wouldn’t have cost the organizers a cent to contact the presidents of the various large private gun clubs across the state. It’s not as if they don’t have websites with contact pages.

    • It has been my experience that “organizing” a group of people is like herding cats. Everyone is doing their own thing and has their own agenda. Life happens and people scatter to the winds. I guess that we do the best we can with what we have. Our focus has been to encourage people to have a family defense plan and to consider having a CWP as one of those tools in their self defense tool box. We also try to stay on top of any 2A or gun rights issues that come up and affect each of us. Is there such a thing as a gun rights clearing house where all of this type of information can be filtered through? If there is, I am not aware of it. I am doing good to try to keep up with our 3900 members as it is.

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