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Let’s be honest for a moment.  Are there days when you get tired of carrying a concealed weapon on your body?  Believe it or not I have those days and I wind up having a mental tug of war between being lazy and being a responsible adult.  You wind up doing the what if game with yourself.  Your mind likes to play devils advocate and remind you that you have never had to use deadly force in the past so why should you expect to be faced with that today.  Just leave it at home or put it in your laptop bag and have it on the front seat.

The mental tug of war typically ends up with me putting on my IWB holster and holstering my EDC of choice for that day.  I fluctuate between my SW M&P PRO full sized .40 or my Walther PPQ M2 9mm.  I typically carry one or the other depending on how I feel about the extra weight of the .40 SW.  Yes, I do have a quality heavy duty gun belt so it supports the weight pretty well.  I also carry one extra mag.  I used to have a dual pouch mag holster that was OWB where I carried two spare mags.  Doing that added some extra weight on top of the weapon.  I quit carrying the mag holder for now.

As a legal gun owner I feel responsible for the safety of myself and my family.  Having said that I made a decision to do whatever I need to in order to be prepared.  That includes educating myself about local and state gun laws.  I go to the range on a regular basis and practice with all of my hand guns that I might carry.  I take my wife with me and encourage her to shoot whichever hand gun that she would chose to protect herself when I am not around. As a responsible gun owner and having obtained a CWP from the state of SC I also carry a defensive weapon concealed on my person.

Yes, there are days where I get mentally and physically lazy and I want to compromise my safety for comfort.  When I find myself in that mental tug of war between safety and comfort I ask myself a couple of questions.  What are you going to do when the crap hits the fan and you are eyeball to eyeball with a bad guy who has decided he wants to ruin your day and you left your self defense weapon at home or in the car?  I ask myself if I am willing to risk my life for the sake of some momentary convenience or comfort.  It is always better to have your defensive firearm on your person in a holster and not need it then to need it and not have it.

With the dog days of summer around the corner I will need to get another M&P Shield or a smaller Ruger handgun that I can put in a sticky holster in my shorts so I will always be a responsibly armed citizen that is prepared to protect myself and loved ones.

I would love to hear your stories about how you deal with this.

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