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What to do during an active shooter event

What will you do during an active shooter event?  What you do or don’t do will decide if you survive this type of event.  We all know that soft targets have the highest probability of this sort of thing happening.  … Continue reading

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How do I get my FFL?

Someone just asked on our FB Lowcountry page.  How do I get my FFL? The answer is here.

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Are you tired of being discriminated against because of your pro 2nd Amendment stance?  If so, you can go to and not worry about that ever again.  Every day I hear about how Facebook and other social media sites … Continue reading

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New Gun District Group for PCC

In order to build more community for Palmetto Concealed Carry I created a new PCC group on Gun District on the web. You can find this new group here.

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SC Gun laws free eBook

I was contacted by a local law firm in Mt Pleasant with regards to a free eBook they put together on South Carolina Gun Laws. This 48 page eBook is FREE for download for both Mac/Apple/iPad on iBook and PDF … Continue reading

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2nd Amendment rally Columbia SC 2/28/15

We have an opportunity to show how serious we are about our 2nd amendment rights to own and bear arms. If you have not been paying attention to the liberal news outlets there are some very influential and rick people … Continue reading

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A reminder to be prepared

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Active Shooter & Concealed Carry – from Home Defense Gun

I subscribe to several different types of websites/blogs that have content to do with self defense, guns, ammo, tactical stuff etc.  Home Defense Gun is one of those sites that I subscribe to.  This particular article caught my attention and … Continue reading

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Why Good People should be armed – Youtube Video

Why Good People Should Be Armed – Youtube video Please watch the video and share it with all of your friends and family.  The time to be prepared is now.

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Administrative duties

I am on vacation and therefore I took the time this morning to go into the user database and add folks with legitimate e-mail domain’s as members of the site and participants in the message forums.  Please forgive me for … Continue reading

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