The Rules by Jeffrey Phipps

The Rules

I’ve been involved with firearms, be it through work or play, for all of my adult life.  I have seen many negligent discharges (accident infers nobody was to blame) in my time.  I’ve also seen catastrophic failures on the firing line.  In my teaching career, I refer to experience as knowledge gained immediately after it was first needed.  Armed with this experience, I am passionate about safety.  Not everyone shares this passion.

If you have been to a formal firing range, you have likely seen the Four Safety Rules posted.  Most shooters pay lip service to these rules: Treat every firearm as if it is loaded.  Never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy/kill.  Know your target and what is beyond it.  Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.  Then we see poor trigger and muzzle discipline, with shooters often flagging (military speak for unintentionally pointing your firearm at someone) everyone on the firing line.

You may ask “What does any of this have to do with daily carry of a firearm?”  I’d reply “Only EVERYTHING.”  Training is learning what to do.  Practice is perfecting techniques in which you’ve been trained.  If you have not been trained to carry and present a concealed firearm properly, how can you expect to carry it safely?  Carrying a loaded pistol requires us to follow the first rule.  It’s loaded.  If it isn’t, you’re carrying a really cool paperweight.  I see folks ‘practicing the draw from concealment’ at the range.  I see them point their loaded pistol at their hand, their leg, their foot and the person beside them.  Don’t be That Guy!  Start with a quality holster, then draw it straight up and point it out.  Practice this with your empty gun at home, it’ll pay off.

Trigger discipline is a key unto itself.  A good friend of mine from my Air Force days was known to say “Keep your nose-picker off the bang switch.”  It makes sense.  When you draw your pistol from the aforementioned quality holster, your grip should have your trigger finger along the frame of your pistol, not on or inside the trigger guard.  Once you are pointed at the target, know what’s beyond it (collateral damage is not just frowned upon in war), THEN you move your finger to the trigger.

While all of this seems like common sense, it is important to remind ourselves to take care of these actions.  When we are at the range people are watching us.  Not all of them like guns or people that carry them.  We must be a good example of safe, responsible owners.

Jeffrey Phipps is a 21+ year USAF veteran with extensive firearms experience.  He is a NRA certified Pistol Instructor, an Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor, a Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach (safety instructor) and a Captain in a South Carolina Lowcountry fire department.

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Myths About Self-Defense by The Cornered Cat blog

The Myths:

Go to The Cornered Cat to read the rest of this excellent article. 

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Open Carry – State Laws

The following information on Open Carry -State Laws was received by one of the board members of South Carolina carry from the South Carolina Senate Judiciary committee.


Open Carry – State Laws


3 states (California, Florida, and Illinois) prohibit the carrying of any firearm openly in public.  Another 2 states (New York and South Carolina) prohibit the open carrying of a handgun, but not a long gun, and another 3 states (Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Jersey) prohibit the open carrying of a long gun, but not a handgun.  In the remaining states, the open carrying of firearms is generally allowed, although some states require the person to first obtain a permit or license.  Open carry laws frequently have exceptions.  In states that allow open carrying, many still prohibit open carrying in specific locations such as schools, state-owned businesses, places where alcohol is served, and on public transportation, among other locations. 


Open Carrying of Handguns: 

5 states (California, Florida, Illinois New York, and South Carolina) prohibit the open carrying of handguns in public places.  31 states allow the open carrying of a handgun without any license or permit, although in some cases the gun must be unloaded.  15 states require some form of license or permit in order to openly carry a handgun


States that Prohibit Open Carrying of Handguns:
District of Columbia
New York
South Carolina


States that Require a Permit or License to Openly Carry Handguns:
New Jersey
Rhode Island


States that Otherwise Restrict the Open Carrying of Handguns:
North Dakota


Open Carrying of Long Guns: 

6 states (California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New Jersey) generally ban the open carrying of long guns (rifles and shotguns).  In the 44 remaining states, openly carrying a long gun is legal, although in 3 of these states (Iowa, Tennessee and Utah) the long gun must be unloaded.  In addition, Virginia and Pennsylvania limit the ability to openly carry long guns in certain cities.  In a majority of states, it is legal for an individual to openly carry a loaded firearm in public without a permit.


States that Prohibit Open Carrying of Long Guns:
District of Columbia
New Jersey


States that Restrict, But Do Not Prohibit, the Open Carrying of Long Guns:


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It took me a few months to buy a gun by Jessica Alexander

Here is another guest post by Jessica Alexander at Live Love Load Blog. 

This article speaks to the details of how to select the perfect concealed carry weapon, ammunition and how to care of the weapon in your home from a female perspective.  

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My Journey into gun ownership guest post – Jessica Alexander

I love stories like this.  Real people with real life examples of why it is so important that we develop a personal self defense plan.  We plan for so many different types of emergencies in our lives, but sometimes we feel as if we do not need to concern ourselves with the most important issue.  Our personal protection and the safety of our loved ones. 

We live in an increasingly dangerous world and it is important that we keep ourselves and our loved ones as safe as possible.  You can read Jessica Alexander’s story Jessica Alexander’s story

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Working together as a team in 2016







What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

We know that many of you are discouraged with the way things are in South Carolina in regards to the many infringements against our 2nd Amendment rights.  We are constantly bombarded by anti 2nd Amendment groups and politicians telling us that guns are evil and that we would be better off without them. Gun registration and infringements are their constant mantra.

Gun Sense SC is a new organization in South Carolina that is taking direct aim at our 2nd Amendment rights.  Here is a quote from their website.

“We are gun owners and non-gun owners. We are veterans, doctors, lawyers, teachers and spiritual leaders. We are South Carolinians.

Together, we’re reaching out to build awareness and support legislation to reduce gun violence – because it’s become epidemic, a costly public health crisis in SC.”

This group is funded by Bloomberg money, and they are putting a new spin on anti 2nd Amendment legislation by calling it “gun violence”  that should be categorized as a “public health crisis in South Carolina.” 

The only gun related crisis we have in South Carolina is a broken criminal justice system, that lets violent repeat offenders off with a slap on the wrist.  Violent criminals are the ones who are using guns to hurt innocent people as they perpetrate their crimes against humanity. We have a broken MHMR system in South Carolina that also needs to be fixed. Our law enforcement agencies need to be better at communicating information to SLED with regards to people who have been adjudicated as mentally unstable or a risk for gun ownership.

South Carolina Carry is gearing up to work with state legislators during the 2016 legislative session. Our goal is to make sure that these pre filed bills that further infringe upon our God given rights never come to pass. We want our law makers to hear a clear message from 2nd Amendment supporters.  Do not infringe upon the rights of South Carolina citizens.  We must be allowed to own and bear arms.  We do not need or want government to enact more restrictive laws that violates our constitutional rights.  South Carolina Carry will be working to find replacements for the rino lawmakers who state they are conservatives but vote against our rights. 

The only thing that is going to stand in the way of these anti 2nd Amendment bill proposals in South Carolina will be the members of South Carolina Carry. 

In 2016, join with South Carolina Carry and lets work together as a team. We need EVERYONE that is reading this to do something to HELP us achieve our goals. Our yearly membership fee is very economical in cost and I think that most of us can afford 20.00 which will go a long way towards funding our organization. As board members we are all in.

That is time, talent and money. What about you dear members? Are you all in?

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What does the Second Amendment really say by Drew Brogden








In the aftermath of the San Bernadino shootings, some leaders of this nation are again “up in arms” (pun intended) concerning gun control and how this country needs stricter gun laws in order to prevent more gun violence. In this article, I will attempt to debunk some of the lies that these leaders are attempting to sell in order to further their own agenda.

Whenever any politician sets out to restrict the American Citizens’ right to buy and own guns,he/she inevitably crashes against the wall of the 2nd Amendment (2A) and the words “shall not be infringed.” Recently, some of these politicians have resorted to name-calling of the 2A and calling for its repeal. However, a more dangerous tactic are those who seek to twist the language of this freedom giving amendment in order to mold it into the way they think the country should run.

The lies that these individuals weave concerning the 2A go like this:

1) The 2A only applies in the context of a well regulated militia, not private citizens.

2) The 2A is outdated and is no longer applicable as we have advanced as a country.

3) The 2A is to guarantee a means of hunting/recreation and therefore, “high
capacity” and “assault weapons” are not included in its protection.

I will consider each one of these in turn.

For your convenience, here is the full text of the 2A:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

1) The 2A only applies in the context of a well regulated militia, not private citizens. A lot of people, including some of our politicians, get thrown off by the wording of this Amendment. In doing so and making this claim, they miss the entire point of the Amendment itself! In my understanding, this Amendment secures, not just one, but TWO rights. The first being the right to a “well regulated militia”, and the second being the right of the “people to keep and bear arms.”

The 2A could not be clearer in its differentiation between the “militia” and the “people.” The founders, in light of recent events (the American Revolution), obviously felt that the government should NEVER have the right to tell the people they could not bear arms. Moreover, the founders felt so strongly that, along with the freedom to bear arms, they included the freedom to ORGANIZE (well regulated) into a militia in order to ensure the “security of a free State” should the need ever rise again. To claim that the right to bear arms only exists in the context of a “well-regulated militia” undermines the original intent of the Bill of Rights, which was to RESTRICT the power of the government. That context does not RESTRICT the government but EMPOWERS it since it would be up to the government to provide the regulation.

2) The 2A is outdated and is no longer applicable as we have advanced as a country. William Pitt (the Younger) once said, “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” Our government will stop at nothing to convince us that we have advanced as a culture and no longer NEED guns. They would claim that the best way to make our nation safe is to get rid of guns altogether. Are these the words of a government trying to protect its people from themselves, or a government trying to protect itself from it’s people? And if so, why does said government have the need to fear its people if it is governing properly? Evil will continue to exist
no matter how many laws and regulations a nation has, no matter how advanced the nation has become.

3) The 2A is to guarantee a means of hunting/recreation and therefore “high capacity” and “assault weapons” are not included in its protection. These are the politicians that claim we must understand the 2A culturally in the context of it’s time and realize that the Founders were obviously thinking of muskets and the like when they placed this freedom in the Constitution. Do not get me wrong, once the first person can point and show me the word “muskets’ in the 2A, I will completely denounce my stance and turn my weapons in. The framers of our Constitution knew they were drafting a document for ages to come, and intentionally left certain things vague, such as the word arms.

Our young nation had just come through a Revolution in which they had won they’re freedom from a tyrannical government. Our Founding Fathers knew that the people needed the right and ability to defend themselves from any similar government that may come in the future. What sense, I ask you, would it make for “we the people” today to attempt to fight off a tyrannical state using muskets? The thought is absolutely absurd! Yet, this is what they would have you believe. Our government would have us keep our single shot rifles, shotguns, and pistols for “hunting/recreational” purposes knowing that they outgun us to the MAX. However, our “high capacity” and “assault weapons” are “killing instruments” and are not meant to be in the hands of the “people” and not secured under the 2A. Let your “friendly” government handle those. If the government is in need of such “killing instruments,” then the people are in need of protection from such “killing instruments.” The old saying goes, you fight fire with fire. We the people can’t fight automatic rifles with muskets.

Education is the key to keeping, defending, and winning back our rights. Do not believe lies and do not be sold short. Let the words “shall not be infringed” be our continual battle cry against these politicians who would seek to disarm us. It is your right!

It is your FREEDOM!
Drew Brogden
SCCarry: Aiken County Leader

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Join South Carolina Carry today










South Carolina Carry is a non profit grassroots organization that will fight for your 2nd amendment rights in 2016.  We will work directly with legislators in Columbia South Carolina to address any existing gun laws which are not Second Amendment friendly and any new pre filed laws that law makers are trying to get enacted.

Senator Marlon Kimpson D-Charleston has filed anti 2nd Amendment gun bills for the 2016 session.  

Here is a brief list of the gun bills Senator Marlon Kimpson proposes to file during the 2016 legislative session.

  • banning assault weapons
  • gun registration
  • requiring a permit to purchase a gun
  • requiring citizens to report lost or stolen guns to SLED
  • eliminating the 3 day waiting period loophole to purchase a gun

Rep. James Clyburn’s (D-South Carolina), who recently challenged the use of resource officers in schools, has another bad idea. He calls it “The Background Check Completion Act”.

Under present law, federally licensed firearms dealers who have initiated a background check to sell the firearm may do so if they have not been notified by the FBI within three business days. Clyburn wants to change this “default proceed” rule because of the tragic shootings at a Charleston church. According to NPR: FBI Director James Comey said the man accused of killing nine people in a Charleston, S.C., church should never have been allowed to purchase a weapon. Comey said flaws in paperwork and communication between a federal background check worker and state law enforcement allowed Dylann Roof to buy a handgun in South Carolina on April 16 — weeks before he allegedly attacked black churchgoers in a failed attempt to fuel a race war.

These are but two examples of law makers who are intent on passing more anti 2nd Amendment laws that will further restrict our ability to own and bear arms in South Carolina. 

There is a new organization in South Carolina called Gun Sense SC and here is what their website states.

“We are gun owners and non-gun owners. We are veterans, doctors, lawyers, teachers and spiritual leaders. We are South Carolinians.

Together, we’re reaching out to build awareness and support legislation to reduce gun violence – because it’s become epidemic, a costly public health crisis in SC.”

This organization is being funded by Bloomberg and the only way we are going to defeat them is to depend on our grassroots efforts from all gun owners from South Carolina. 

If you are a member of Palmetto Concealed Carry and are wondering what the next step is, I have the answer. Go to and click on the volunteer menu option and sign up for our newsletter.

Then click on the PayPal button and sign up for an annual membership. We have annual memberships for the price of a pizza. We have discounted memberships for LEO/Military/First Responders.

After that you need to join the FB zone group that you belong to. The Zone and County leaders will contact you with further instructions. In 5 days we will be living in a new year with new anti 2nd Amendment laws that are already pre-filed. Together as a team we can defeat them.


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Friday Fundamentals – Boundaries | tacticalprofessor

Source: Friday Fundamentals – Boundaries | tacticalprofessor

This is an excellent article and I want to make sure everyone sees this.

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Zone and county volunteers needed for South Carolina Carry

SCC Zones Map






South Carolina Carry is looking volunteers today. Which zone do you live in? Do you want to make a difference? If so, go to our volunteer sign up page at and sign up to be a volunteer. For the price of a large pizza you can buy a one year membership and help us towards making changes in Columbia in 2016.

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