Low Country Virtual Firearms Range in West Ashley

If you live in the lowcountry of South Carolina and are close to West Ashley then you might be interested in visiting the Low Country Virtual Firearms Range on Savannah Hwy.

I met with Paul who is the owner and was able to shoot both weapons and chose the plane hostage scenario.  This is much better than plinking lead down range at a non moving target.  It will get your blood pumping as you are placed in a shoot or don’t shoot scenario.

Go by sometime and tell Paul that you heard about his range at Palmetto Concealed Carry.


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2 Responses to Low Country Virtual Firearms Range in West Ashley

  1. Geoffrey Phelan says:

    This place really is legit. They recently opened up in the Citadel Mall in West Ashley and have a great program for anyone who wonders what he/she would do in an emergency (active shooter) type situation. It’s well worth it for the experience. Proper preparation is the key to survival.

    • I heard recently that this business has moved from its old location on Savannah Hwy over to the Citadel mall. I am hoping that the new location will bring an increase of foot traffic and business for them. Thanks for dropping us a line about them.

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