Palmetto Concealed Carry Social Media moving to

Facebook is getting increasingly hostile towards 2nd Amendment groups and gun owners. Facebook is actively shutting down any groups who encourage the buying, selling or trading of firearms, ammo or accessories. If you post anything to any other group the FB admins put you in FB jail for violating their terms of service.

Palmetto Concealed Carry has two different Face book groups.  One is the main FB group that I started 6 years ago and the Palmetto Concealed Carry Lowcountry FB group.  I joined several months ago and a lot of gun groups on FB are moving away from FB over to

Our new social medai group is on here. Click on that link and join our group.  The group is open and anyone can join.  Feel free to talk about the 2nd Amendment, pending gun laws, NRA, CWP topics and the purchase, sale or trade of guns, ammo or accessories.  The important thing to remember is that your information is NOT FOR SALE EVER.

I hope to see you there soon!!


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