Thieves and Home Invasions in the Lowcountry

As I was watching channel 2 news this evening I heard about a home invasion in Crowfield in Goose Creek SC.  Crowfield is an upscale neighborhood in Goose Creek and there are some very nice homes there.  Those nice homes have or will become easy targets for thieves and people who will do home invasions.  Criminals look for soft targets.  Targets that are ripe for the picking. Sadly enough there are people that still believe that if they live in an upscale neighborhood they are exempt from the crimes that happen in lower income neighborhoods.  What are criminals looking for?

  • openly displayed christmas trees through the front windows
  • wrapped gifts that are visible from outside the home
  • no signs of burglar alarms
  • no signs of exterior lighting
  • unlocked vehicles
  • vehicles with valuables in plain sight
  • exterior doors that are unlocked
  • homes with shrubbery that allows a place for them to hide behind
  • packages left on the front porch

The home invasion occurred and an armed man broke into a home and sexually assaulted the female resident.  Then he told her to take him to the bank and withdraw money from her account.  Someone she got outside her home and started screaming for help.  I searched for the story online but could not find it.

Palmetto Concealed Carry was created to bring attention to the need for people to take their personal and family self defense seriously.  When the police are 10 minutes away crimes happen in the matter of minutes.  While crimes can happen any time or any day the Christmas season provides criminals with ripe hunting grounds.  Please pay attention to your surroundings.  Even when you are home you should arm your security system in the STAY mode so if someone does kick in one of your doors the alarm company will be alerted and they can call the police. The alarm going off will alert you to the unlawful entry and give you a few spare moments to get to your self defense weapon of choice.

This always boils down to planning, planning and more planning.  If you think this can never happen to you, please think again.  If it does happen and you are not prepared your life and the lives of your family members could be at risk.  Now is the time to take some common sense steps to protect you and your loved ones.  Do it now !!!

At the top of the website you will see a tab that says Self Defense Articles.  I wrote those articles with folks who are new to this in mind.  Please take the time to read those articles and feel free to ask questions.

Be safe and have a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


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